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At Home with The Clair Collection

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Martin Eichinger’s amorphous polymers in his Clair Collection make for marvelous and dynamic pieces of art in your home.

When the polymer is placed in a line of light, such as against a window, the image you see will change with shifting daylight or positioning.

A Galaxy Away complements the view of the Willamette River below.

Under Pressure shines in the afternoon sun against gloomy Oregon skies.

The amorphous polymers mimic the effect of stained glass, but instead the light captures fluidity and layers rather than static texture.

Eichinger’s Clair Collection is largely inspired by galactic imagery. These pieces can stand alone or work together, as seen with Under Pressure and Penrose Vision.

These amorphous polymers have the ability to be suspended, and can make for a unique space divider in any living area, as seen with Three Toed Nebula and Penrose Vision.

The imagery in Galaxy on Edge changes in just a matter of a few lapsed hours between when these two photographs were taken.

The smaller polymers, like Garnet Galaxy, accentuate cozier rooms like offices and bedrooms.

These photographs were taken at the Lake Oswego, Oregon home of architect Robert Oshatz. This architectural feat was built by Oshatz in 1989, and is stunning from both the outside and inside. The home juts out over the cliff side with a view that looks down at the Willamette River.

Shop The Clair Collection by Martin Eichinger.

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