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"Star Catcher" for the Portland Winter Light Festival! Work in Progress.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023


Star Catcher

The Catcher is a 3 dimensional journey through the universe incorporating new imagery from The Hubble and The James Webb Space Telescope along with other special effects. Multiple projectors bring our 5 sided pentangular venue to life as we appear to travel from one galaxy on to the next and then to some strange unknown places in between. Our crystal device and multiple projectors enhances our trip through space by adding the 3rd and 4th dimensionality to the experience of time travel.

We hope you enjoy the trip!

This exciting installation can be seen at the Portland Winter Light Festival, weekends opening February 3rd, 2023. at the World Trade Center location.

As we get very close to presenting our Star Catcher at the Portland Winter Light Festival, I want to thank all those who came by the Studio to lend a hand or offer helpful suggestions or just words of encouragement. It took a village to get this idea to evolve from an idea to a concept sketch to a functional light art object! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, watching this come together over the last two months.

I have been asked if the Star Catcher will have a life after the PWLF is over. Any of the local art/music festivals? Burning Man? Let me know your thoughts, especially if you would like to lead or participate in any future events.

Special thanks to:

Terry Amundson

Robbin Atherly

Suzanne Atherly

Eli Bryant

Andy Collen

Diana Dutton

Barry Eichinger

Talik Eichinger

Robert Gamblin

Fred Harwin

Clint Kaster/Smart Tech AV

Brandon Katcher

Koble Creative Staff

Blaise McGettigan


Allan Stephenson

Colin Waltz

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