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From the Heart: Sculpture by Martin Eichinger

From the Heart: Sculpture by Martin Eichinger

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From the Heart: Sculpture by Martin Eichinger by Richard Speer.


From the back cover: "In this comprehensive monograph, art critic Richard Speer charts the artist’s trajectory as an ambitious and innovative narrative Romantic sculptor—awarded prestigious commissions, honored by the National Endowment for the Arts, and collected by royalty, connoisseurs, and cultural/educational institutions the world over. Interviews with colleagues, friends, family members, and the women in his life flesh out a portrait of the artist as activist, deploying his formidable technique and dramatic compositions in the service of positive values and sociopolitical change."


Written by Richard Speer, the famed art critic, curator, and author, based in Portland, Oregon, it reads as far greater than just a catalog. This art book archives Eichinger’s career in bronze sculpture— delving deep into the backstory behind every piece and paired with stunning photographs. Present this book as a gift, a complement to an Eichinger sculpture in your collection, a coffee table piece, or even read it as a biography of a master sculptor.


Choose between a signed Collector’s Edition hardcover (9"x12") or a softcover version (8 1/2" x 11"). Both versions are 226 pages in full color.


From the Heart is available now.  Scroll to the bottom of the site to subscribe and to find our social media links. The book is available to purchase from the gallery in-person and online.




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